Có thể bạn muốn đi xe buýt nhưng vì lý do chưa biết đi như thế nào hoặc đơn giản là do trạm xe buýt không gần nhà nên cuối cùng lại tự đi xe máy? Chắc trường hợp đó cũng có nhiều bạn muốn đi xe ôm ra trạm xe buýt rồi bắt xe buýt đi tiếp nhưng lại không biết trạm xe buýt ở đâu mà book, cũng như không biết nên ra trạm nào để bắt là tiện nhất?

Hiện tại trên ứng dụng BusMap — ứng dụng về giao thông công cộng đã cho ra mắt…

So you may have or heard about a story when using Facebook and suddently you saw an advertisement about something you’ve just searched or even mentioned with your friends by mouth recently. I am not about to tell you how Facebook knew and showed the correct ad to you, but I will show to the solution to prevent Facebook and Google show more ads like that based on your personal information. It is actually quite simple and won’t take you more than 1 minute!


First, open your Facebook’s Ad Preferences page at: https://www.facebook.com/ads/preferences/?entry_product=ad_settings_screen

So you know a lot of people asking me about resource for learning blockchain, normally I would say “You can google it”, but the truth is Blockchain is very new and also lack of “really good” resource to help learner really understand what Blockchain is. There are many random resources out there and they would take you a lot of time for choosing the wrong one to go with. That’s why I write this list to recommend some of the good resource to start learning Blockchain

Please note that those resources are for people that already have just a little…

VEC CodeMatch is a contest series hosted by VEC Coding — Project that applies Blockchain technology for Education specified for Coding Contest. As a result, all of your submissions will be verified and judged on Elefos Blockchain Platform (https://elefos.io). This is the first time ever, a coding contest uses Blockchain platform to secure and judge user’s submission.

Contest link (Register and Join for free):



Join our single code match this weekend to show your coding and algorithm skills 💪💪💪. Try to defeat other coders to win precious prize:

🏆 1st rank: 200.000 VND 💵💵💵

🏆 2nd rank: 100.000 VND 💵💵💵

🏆 3rd to 5th rank: 50.000…

On an early stress test on Elefos Testnet. We are excited to see our decentralized computing system can handle 5,879 transactions per second (TPS)

5879 TPS, precisely

This result shows us lots of potential improvement as we are currently running our Testnet on low-end VPS with $5–$10 per month. For more information, you can visit Elefos Monitor to see the result: monitor.elefos.io.

The highest TPS peak happen in block #50337 and #50338 (each block run in 0.5 second). The producer node is accountnum12 with is a $10/month VPS with 1vCPU and 2GB Ram. More detail:

The transaction issued is a simple transaction: “Sending token from A to B and then from B to A”.

More potential improvement:

Currently we are working on solution to boost the performance of…

Elefos Monitor: monitor.elefos.io

Visit: https://monitor.elefos.io

Elefos Monitor is the first and official block explorer for Elefos system. You can see the system status as well as lookup any information about transactions, accounts and blocks generated by dApp running on Elefos. For example:

You can also see the status of Elefos’ Pipeline layer in the monitor.

Currently we are having 10 nodes around the world for our testnet.

Visit: https://elott.elefos.io.

We are proud to announce our second project on Elefos system — Elott — an online lottery running on the Blockchain. Elefos can support 5k+ TPS which helps Elott can handle millions of users per day.


Every operation about buying ticket, drawing lucky number and rewarding winner are run and being secured on the Blockchain. Whenever you buy a ticket, you can view the transaction issued on Elefos Monitor at: https://monitor.elefos.io. Everytime the system draw the lucky number, a transaction is also issued.

In this MVP, the rule of the is simple:

  • The initial jackpot is 1000 Token.

In last October, Elefos team joined a Dapp hackathon about Blockchain, we proposed Elott (https://elott.elefos.io) and build the first prototype in 24 hours. Elott inspires to decentralized a common real-life application — the lottery and to incorporate blockchain into it to make it transparent, fair and secure. This idea can instantly be applicable to day to day life and instantly be a big hit, at the end we won the Runner Up prize in the contestElott won the second prize in the contest with $1500 prize in Ether.

Elott won the second prize in the contest which is $1500 in Ether.

From that day, the team continue to build the Elott idea, and…

In the Youth Ideas for Education contest 2018, hosted by Vietnam Ministry of Education and Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union, our project VEC of Denchlabs wons the prize for one of the best solution in Education.

The prize including $5000 and official support for the project.

VEC project won the prize for four best solutions in Education.

Below are some news about VEC in Vietnam:

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